US presidential debate: Political purity and maturity, not!

Hofstra University in Hempstaed New York had the immense honour of being the setting for the second of three United States presidential debate between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Much like the previous debate between these two prime examples of political purity and maturity, the American public, as well as the entire world, was once again blessed with a debate that the likes of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson must have participated in on the famous 4th of July of 1776.

One of the larger issues discussed in the debate was Mr Trump’s eloquent declaration that the way he approaches women he is physically interested in, is to “grab them by the pussy,” a statement so inspirational that it would make one of the feminist voices of our generation, Hugh Hefner, stand proud.

What only fortified Mr Trump’s honour and blistering professionalism was the fact that he did not., in any shape or form, retaliate and attack Secretary Clinton in order to dismiss any wrong-saying that she might have uttered about him and his campaign. Mr. Trump may be a lot of things but being disrespectful to women and constantly interrupting his political opponents every 10 seconds is certainly not one of them.

On the flipside we have, Secretary Clinton, a prime example of what a transparent candidate with absolutely no corporate ties whatsoever looks like. The 5000+ emails that supposedly tie her financially to various business corporations (most of which are located on Wall Street) have not been used by Mr Trump to cast a shade on Secretary Clinton.

In fact Trump even remarked that should he become the next president of the United States, Secretary Clinton is a prime candidate to serve as his vice-president, only invigorating the more than amicable relationship that these two candidates have with one another. We have not had a more neutral, event-free US presidential debate in recent history.

Post Author: Luka Mijatovic

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