Younger generations support the legalisation of marijuana

Recently 57% of adults in the United States of America say that marijuana should be legalised. The US is debating this issue which most Americans don’t see as a problematic issue. The legislation on the sale of hashish and marijuana allows possession without any obstacles or legal consequences in some states.

Younger generations support the legalisation of marijuana

Legalisation of marijuana! Yes or No?

Several states permit the use of this type of drug for medical purposes only. But at the beginning of the year Colorado and Washington began by issuing domestic legislation. It authorised the possession of marijuana for entertainment.

The move opened the door for other states to discuss similar laws. Americans are split between supporters and opposers of such actions.

Washington DC Council’s initial agreement on a project that makes smoking cannabis an offence was designed to prevent legalising cannabis in US states.

The bill.s approval was by 11 votes to one in a vote was the first within two votes of the project before the adoption of final bill later this month.

Younger generations support the legalisation of marijuana

The legal force of the project’s laws:

The project proposes a fine of $25 to those found in possession of less than 28 grams of hashish.

The possession of cannabis in Washington is to be a misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in prison and a fine of thousand dollars. The exceptions are patients who use it medicinally.

The law may be subject to a Congress review which has constitutional control over the capital as it does not have a special state status. Elijah Simon, law professor at George Mason University, ruled out Congress opposing the fine.

Simon confirmed that Congress has no power over the actual project. He said the Capital’s municipal council does not have the legal powers of Congress. However, it is likely that Congress will leave matters to municipal council.

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