Summer is over, back to uni, to reality

This summer was not like all others. For the first two years of college I usually spent the whole holiday back home in Casablanca. But this year I spent half of my summer in Marbella as I am now in third year and I have gotten to know many more people over the two years that I spent in MIUC.

I was all excited to come back to college – even though that was not the case for all other people – they never want summer to be over! But I spent four months on holiday so I was kind of sick of it and needed to work out my brain once again.

I really needed the academic side – the critical thinking and the daily practice of the advanced skills that the professors provide for us in MIUC. At this point in my life I consider Marbella as a second home for me.

Another thing that I love about living here is that whenever I want to go back to my country, Morocco, I can because of the short distance between the two. For that I consider myself a lucky one.

Post Author: Hiba Haraq

My name is Hiba, I am the joint editor of the MIUC magazine, that is an online magazine by and for students, focusing on life in Marbella, night or daily routine - in particular for the new students who will come to the university. Still a student at Marbella International University Centre, hoping to graduate with a Media & Journalism degree, and passionate about photography, landscapes and people.

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