Why some people are always late?

There are people who don’t show up to a party until the first guests are already heading home or the ones that make you wait 20 minutes outside in the cold. Not very nice, but according to scientists it is not because they simply don’t care.

Why some people are always late?

Reasons why most people are late

British researchers state that the latecomers really hate being late. Dismissing these people as selfish and chaotic is too easy. Researcher Diane Delonzor names three reasons why they do that.

First of all it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. “People that are not able to be on time, usually already think they are going to be late, and this illusion turns into reality”.

Secondly it could also be that they are scared or not looking forward to the appointment. “Because of the fear of the appointment or work they keep pushing it ahead and end up not getting it done or be late.”

Third, there are some people who are not capable of estimating time, also know as planning fallacy. Latecomers honestly think they will bike somewhere in 10 minutes, when in reality it will take them twice as long.

I myself suffer from an extreme case of planning fallacy, which is why I am always late for everything. I DO value your time and I don’t think you should wait for me; Simply can’t help it 😉

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