Never too late to make dreams come true!

Never too late to make dreams come true!

Here I am as promised in my first blog…I’m this girl whose life tried to knock her down but she managed to get up even more powerful 🙂

This time I will reveal more secrets about my passion – marketing! Well, a lot of people think yes… it’s profitable, it is needed everywhere, in every company and every field. I totally agree, but marketing for me was more of a passion than a job.

As mentioned in my last blog, I graduated from the faculty of Arts in English literature. A normal career path would be to become a teacher, a translator or maybe even a writer.

Sometimes you can spend years in a completely wrong track but it is never too late to start all over again and it’s never too late to make your dreams come true.

Never too late to make dreams come true!

When I hit the biggest telecommunications company after graduation, working as a secretary, I was lucky enough to join the marketing team. The day I entered I discovered a completely different world.

Some give only ideas, others try to create how it fits, others how to deliver the tv it hits the TV. Oh no, our competitor did it before us! There is an intelligence spy! Someone told the competitor about our idea..mmm ! What a world!! What do those people do? How do they do it? Why do they do it? What is the reason for the happiness and tears in a workplace?! What it is all about?!?

This moved something inside me to discover more. I went to one of the biggest institutions to study marketing …I remember my very first day at class I was super happy, excited like a kid enjoying a day out to his/her favourite place.

That day my professor asked every one of us why are you here and what’s your dream? My answer was…”to be one day in your place, asking students the same question and revealing the secrets of marketing for them”. It was a consumer behaviour class.

Days passed, class after class more secrets were revealed…Why do we buy? What? When? How? Is there a hidden reason? Are marketeers magicians? Can they read minds? How do they know that I want this product? What drives people to buy? What are their motives?

How can I make them interested and in love with my product. Does marketing really create a need? Or do marketeers  manipulate people? Do colours work? How do you use them? What is the buying behaviour? How do people decide? Is it rational? Whoow..

After that every time I saw aTV or billboard ad I started to won’t get me! Not anymore dude 😀 What’s more I started to criticise some marketing works saying  they could  do it better in so many different ways. Whoo…

One day before the end of the last semester I went to the university’s associate dean and I asked him a question. “Sir, what do I really need to teach marketing and deliver its secrets to other people and get them to dig deeper and look at it differently?”

He  said: “Do your homework, do it right and with passion.” These words delved deeply inside me. And I actually did…analysing all ads, billboards, radio, TV, cases studies and what companies do. How they position themselves in the market. How they let people see them. Who are they choosing in certain groups to serve. Why? How can some people become maniacal for certain products.

Never too late to make dreams come true!

And I hit it. I got it. I got the A. Well done sarah 😉 I can start now… let’s apply it in real life. Good things happen to those who work hard with passion; and I was paid off for this hard work. After I finished my diploma I received a call from the university…hey girl come to the university tomorrow? Wowmm why? Let’s go and figure out!

“We are asking you to study for a scholarship as a professional trainer.” Me? Why? And why not? Well ok! It is a scholarship. Shall I say no? Of course not! I took it and finished with an A grade. Three days later another call – you have another appointment at the university! Wow.. ok.. let’s see..

“Miss Sarah, you have been chosen to teach marketing, the consumer behaviour course, for the coming semester, do you accept?”

“Who? Me? Are you sure?”

“Oh yes we are sure? We are a very reputable university, we don’t joke! 🙂

“Is this for real? I am young, I don’t have my master’s degree yet!”

“Yes, but you have all what is needed. Your passion, your love and the secrets that you need to reveal to others and let them master it like you did.”

That day, I went to my university this time not as a marketing student but as a marketing teacher, for the consumer behaviour course! Does it ring a bell?? On my very first day when I looked at my new students I asked them what would you like to be after this course 🙂

And the secrets of marketing moved to another generation…if you want to know more about marketing’s secrets come and join MIUC and you will master it, you will know how people think and behave and how you can get people to believe in what you are telling and selling. All it needs from you is a real passion!

I forgot to tell you that one year after teaching, I was attending a roll of honour party sitting at the same table as my previous teachers  and I was honoured with  “one of the top instructor’s prize” according to students evaluation 🙂

This take a real well, so much hard work, strong belief and a real passion. As the saying goes – pain is when you work hard  hating what you do, passion is working so hard  you are deeply in love with your pain 🙂

Search for your passion and give a real meaning to what you love

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