Marbella – the resort town of choice in southern Spain!

Marbella is part of southern Spain’s Costa del Sol and has been for a long time famous as the place for the rich, famous and tanned. The sun shines here for over 300 days a year, so having a beachside lunch is the way to start a wonderful sunny day in Marbella.

Since olden days Marbella has been the resort town of choice for Europeans and for people from all around the globe with its sparkly beaches and colourful sunsets that add to the magnificent mountain landscapes.

Marbella will always be, beyond doubt, the best place to escape from the usual routine during the year no matter whether it’s Winter or Summer!

Post Author: Hiba Haraq

My name is Hiba, I am the joint editor of the MIUC magazine, that is an online magazine by and for students, focusing on life in Marbella, night or daily routine - in particular for the new students who will come to the university. Still a student at Marbella International University Centre, hoping to graduate with a Media & Journalism degree, and passionate about photography, landscapes and people.

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