Would you like to know when you die?

Would you like to know when you die?

You would think it would come in handy if you know what the future has in store for you. Whether it is how long you have to live, if your marriage will last, or other long-term events. This way you could start doing other things with your life if you know you will probably live to a hundred, or that you’ll be single soon.

German and Spanish researchers have published a study in the professional journal Psychological Review. They asked people from both countries questions like: “if we could tell you when your partner will die, would you like to know?” 90% of the people answered with “No, I would not like to know.” On the question “would you like to know when your marriage will end?” 87% said “No”.

However, on positive events, the reactions were different. When asking people if they would like to know if their future child is a boy or a girl, more than half replied with yes.

The high scores on concious denial surprised the researchers. Only 1% of the participants answered “Yes” to all questions. It shows people are not the rational decision makers’ researchers like to think they are.

Post Author: Sarah Berzel

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