Gloocall is the future

Gloocall is the future

Imagine yourself landing in a town where you know nobody or where to go next, when not even the biggest company (google) can give you the proper answer for your request that you explore and hope to find for hours. Gloocall come out to provide you with the most direct-rapid feedback, with the resolution if the enterprise is fully booked or does not exist, just giving an concrete and explicit result.

It is very common that many people once they are in a new town they start researching for places to go, where to meet people, eat, get something fixed or to find out when is the next big event happening close to them. People can easily use this new phone application named Gloocall to search for a place to dive into, letting you have a closer scan concluded to the dates you want and the precise programme of each event that you would be interested in to go to.

Gloocall can provide you with the best- easiest- fastest way to choose – comparing quality and price to the premium assistance for its users.

Gloocall Rent a Car

Gloocall is an online concept that works worldwide, wherever you are, whenever you want you can search for a category or a specified service(s) by making a request that can be terminated through the official website or app. These benefits are available in 8 different languages helping you select “La Crème de la Crème” of companies in the sphere.

The performance is completed by Gloocall. You are just required to access the app or the website, make a request of what you actually need, and it brings you directly in contact with the companies nearby or globally.

We all have the thirst for new technologies – how they function and how beneficial they are for us.

Gloocall is the future for all this usefulness, serviceability, advantages and maintenance in that it offers it with one click, from now on the new spot to get deals, discount codes or even Freebees from the companies is Gloocall – then you are ready to carry with you an entrée to a new ambient atmosphere that ables you to gain more gloocoins with the numerous times participating and sharing better deals / events.

Gloocall has opened a new home for its visitors here in Marbella, rising from a Swedish entrepreneur during the first three years in order to build a solid platform which was finished in january 2017, operating it in Sweden, Norway, the Middle East and expanding.. . It is exclusively working to contribute in arranging various services-fascilities that not only the users can benefit from but the companies as well.


Gloocall is the future

  • Specialties: Business network, accredited business, Business history, Business location.
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  • Industry: Information technology and services.
  • Founded: 2014.

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