Five reasons to study at MIUC in 2017

Study in Spain in English

Here are five reasons to study at (MIUC) Marbella International University Centre in 2017:


1 MIUC is located in southern Spain; this area is surrounded by beautiful landmarks and historical architecture all within a few hours distance such as Ronda, Alhambra etc. MIUC offers many trips to visit these ancient attractions, so if you enjoy ancient culture this would be a great place.

2 Do you see yourself as a citizen of the world; do you enjoy travelling and meeting people from all parts of the world? Then MIUC is the place for you. At Marbella International University Centre you will be surrounded by students from all around the world and you will get to experience different cultures.

3 Marbella International University Centre offers a wide range of studies, from media to business to politics. The classes are very much linked to each other and no matter which study you choose you will learn a bit from all the programmes.

4 The cost of living in Spain and especially southern-Spain is very cheap. Many fruit and vegetables are local so you will not be spending much money on groceries etc, social life and housing are also considerably cheaper than the rest of Europe.

5 Last but not least, the amazing weather. There is pretty much sun all year round, and in the three years I have been here I have never seen a drop of snow. For people from northern Europe especially, that is amazing. The summers are beautiful and hot, but not too extreme, and the winters are very mild.

MIUC Campus

If you are still not convinced, why not come for a visit!

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