Feria of San Pedro

Having lived in San Pedro for almost three years now, I must say I very much enjoy it. Despite the weird looks I get from some after mentioning where I live, I wonder if many of them have actually visited San Pedro recently. I live in quite a spacious two-bedroom apartment with parking, for a fraction of what it would cost me for the same apartment in Marbella. It is a 10-minute drive from school and a two-minute drive to the heart of Puerto Banus.

The reason I enjoy living there is because it is a vibrant, upcoming small village. In the past three years they have opened restaurant after restaurant and shop after shop all within a one-minute walking range from my home. Not to mention the beautiful new San Pedro Boulevard that stretches from one side of the town to the other and that hosts various activities for young and old throughout the year.

I like that every time I leave my house to walk my dogs or to visit the small neighbourhood supermarket that it is literally located in my building, I can be surprised by whatever activity is happening in front of my door. One week it is a parade of old-timers or supercars, another week it can be a concert with some minor Spanish celebrities.

This week it happens to be the Feria of San Pedro. It is the second year in a row that this huge feria is located around the corner from my house, which brings some great advantages and some small disadvantages.

First of all, the streets are busy, very busy. I did not know this many people even lived in San Pedro. All around me people are walking towards or coming from the feria. One even more dressed up than the next. Where I am from (the Netherlands), the feria is usually for children anywhere between the ages of three -15/16, and the activities consist of rides for children, some more thrilling rides for the teenagers, one or two food stands, and that’s it.

The Feria in Spain however, means something entirely different. They have these small improvised houses called cassetas, located on the grounds with each of them in a different theme. But one thing they all have in common is that they host parties from morning until deep into the night. Walking around the feria grounds is a spectacle in itself and the only thing I can compare it with is like visiting a small festival. Everywhere music, dancing and food. The rides seem to be more of a distraction then being the main event.

Walking around the neighbourhood in the evening has been a great fun for me this past week. A mix of drunken people stumbling about and kids high on sugar rushes running around. I very much enjoyed the lively atmosphere but I must say I will be happy when things go back to normal and I can drive back from school without being stuck in traffic on my street for nearly 20 min.

The feria of San Pedro is from the 17th to the 23d of October.

Post Author: Sarah Berzel

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