The difficulty of video games “increases aggressive feelings”

The difficulty of video games "increases aggressive feelings"

A recent study revealed that the difficulty of video games is associated with increased aggressive feelings among the players more than the violent scenes in the game. The researchers conducted several tests, including an amendment to the game Half-Life 2, and the design of a special version free of violent scenes.

The study pointed out that after the introduction of amendments to a set of games players reactions were more aggressive, after their sense of incompetence.

The difficulty of video games "increases aggressive feelings"

The study was conducted by the Oxford Internet Institute in cooperation in the UK in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Rochester in the United States. Andrew Przbeleski from Oxford Institute claimed that “it is necessary for researchers that are interested in these kind of questions [that they] should not only buy video games from the market (and study them as they are). They need to use more sophisticated methods, to read through all of the information from the same experimental methods.”

The link between violence and video games and combat is a contentious issue that has been discussed a lot among psychologists.

The study has concluded that playing video games with violent content for a long time could negatively affect the moral maturity of adolescents. The study showed that the problems start in adolescents who spend more than three hours a day no-stop in front of violent video games without any other reaction to the reality that surrounds them.

The difficulty of video games "increases aggressive feelings"

The researchers sought to ascertain whether the scenes of violence in fighting games are more likely to show aggressive feelings in the players or was there a combination of different factors. They  conducted the research in the framework of six separate studies one of which dealt with the original version of the game “Half-Life 2” where the idea is to shoot at opponents.

The researchers introduced amendments to the game, so that the player put his opponent on the index to evaporate rather than get rid of it in a way that includes violent scenes. However, a certain group of players received an introductory course on the mechanisms of the game before they started.

The researchers found that the players who did not receive training sessions feel less aggressive and more efficient unlike the people who had the original version of the game that contained violent scenes.

Andrew Przbeleski said: “We focused on the motivations of those who engage in electronic games, we found players feel a psychological the need to finish the game is always winning.”

The researchers called for more studies into the long-term effects resulting from the exercise of violent video games.

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