Dave Chappelle provides American audience with cathartic experience.

Many Americans in need of an outlet for their frustration and unease after the past week’s presidential election tuned into the highly anticipated SNL episode of last Sunday.

Hosted for the first time ever by comedian Dave Chappelle, it was expected to be one heck of a show. And boy, did he deliver.

Everyone who has ever seen a Dave Chappelle show knows he will joke even about the worst taboo or biggest tragedy.

And that’s exactly what he did. From the pulse nightclub shooting to the Black Lives Matter movement to, of course, president-elect Trump, he put his own unique spin on it, keenly making fun of it all, while providing the American audience with an almost cathartic outlet.

What better way to deal with your frustration than to make light of it?

Post Author: Sarah Berzel

My name is Sarah B. and I am studying Media & Journalism at MIUC. I am 24 years old and from the Netherlands. I am one of the Joint Editors and main writers for the MIUC student magazine, and am responsible for regularly posting articles. I enjoy writing about various topics including politics, local and international news and technology. My main passion however is film, TV series and books (media student ;)). I try to focus more on some light-hearted soft news stories since I feel that there are many other sources to get more serious news from. The more serious stories I write will most likely be brief recaps of the most important issues so whoever is interested can research these topics some more. I hope everyone will enjoy reading my articles.

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