China is considering providing incentives for a second child

China is considering providing benefits and financial incentives to encourage families to have a second child after studies showed that economic constraints were the cause of the reluctance of many people to increase their family members.

China is considering providing incentives for a second child

The Chinese newspaper “Daily China” reported  that the Deputy Minister of National Commission for health and family planning in China revealed the move in this regard during the conference on social welfare that was held on Saturday.

Birth rates did increase to 17.86 million in 2016, the highest level recorded since 2000 after China put new guidelines in place in late 2015 that allows all parents and families to have a second child, amid growing concerns about the elderly support costs.

It was reported as well that “having a second child is from the right of every family in China, but the economic burden has become the obstacle that undermines the decision”.

China began to apply the one-child family policy in the 1970s – the last century – to curb population growth, but the current authorities are worried about the ever-decreasing numbers able to support the growing number of elderly.

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