The most boring jobs in the world

Having trouble choosing what career path to follow after your studies? Well try to stay away from anything in the legal sector. According to a new study, 81% of lawyers and jurists find their work to be boring. Apparently the many movies and shows about the thrilling life of lawyers and judges have not been completely honest with us.

Here is the complete list of the World’s most boring jobs:

The most boring jobs in the world

Most boring Jobs

Job Bored Not Bored
Legal Jobs 81% 19%
Project Management 78% 22%
Support Functions 71% 29%
Finance Control 68% 32%
Consulting & Accounting 67% 33%
Financial Services & Banking 67% 33%
Engineering 64% 36%
Sales 61% 39%
Marketing & Communications 60% 40%
IT 56% 44%
Human Resources 54% 46%
Education 50% 50%
Executive Management 49% 51%
Research & Development 45% 55%


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