Blue Monday 2017

Blue Monday

New Year’s resolutions. Almost everyone has them, whether it is to quit smoking, hit the gym more often, or just be a kinder person. The reason I chose these examples is because they all go through my mind of the 1st of January of every New Year, but then I decide not to go through with them.

For me starting something on the 1st of January is almost a guaranteed recipe for failure, you start off with so much good intention and motivation, but somewhere along the weeks or days you give up and then Blue Monday comes along.

The most depressing day of the year. It’s usually around the second week of January that this phenomenon comes along. The reason for it being the most depressing  is because two weeks into January and people are starting to lose motivation for their News Year’s resolutions. the bills from Christmas and New Year’s start pouring in and its another two weeks till payday, depending on the country it is usually grey outside, cold and the lack of sunshine doesn’t help either.

However, it is important to always look on the bright side! For the readers here in Spain, we are enjoying this beautiful weather and sunshine, and for all the others. Before you know it we will be heading towards the end of Febuary and you will have forgotten all about these few depressing weeks.

How about you?
Did you make any New Year’s resolutions, and did you stick to them?
How is Blue Monday affecting you?

Let me know in the comments!

Post Author: Sarah Berzel

My name is Sarah B. and I am studying Media & Journalism at MIUC. I am 24 years old and from the Netherlands. I am one of the Joint Editors and main writers for the MIUC student magazine, and am responsible for regularly posting articles. I enjoy writing about various topics including politics, local and international news and technology. My main passion however is film, TV series and books (media student ;)). I try to focus more on some light-hearted soft news stories since I feel that there are many other sources to get more serious news from. The more serious stories I write will most likely be brief recaps of the most important issues so whoever is interested can research these topics some more. I hope everyone will enjoy reading my articles.

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